Inspite of the summer, the work does not stop…

2014. August 15.

The summer and early autumn season is perfect time for internal business events – because this is the season for the informal team building events, too. Inspite of the summer holidays the work does not stop, and what is more delightful and refressing this time than a common adventure with the colleagues that will fund the collective cooperation and the perfect harmony during the work of the next year. Our office organised a 3-day-long team buidling program for our partner from Budapest. The amazing venue of the event was in Bánk, where the participants could solve the creative tasks as a team and they had a fantastic experience together in a picturesque environment of the Lake.

Without Frontiers Office is a creative and reliable event organiser Office not only in budapest but all over the country. We are keen on enhance our offers year by year with new, creative and spectaculat elements and help to make your events unfrgettable for everyone. Do not hesitate, request for an individualised all inclusive quote from our colleagues!


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